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5 reasons for an effective whole body mobilization

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I didn’t exactly grow up living an active lifestyle, it was a combination of factors of nature and nurture. None of my family members live an active lifestyle so I wasn’t influenced much towards being active. Throughout my teenage years, I mostly led a sedentary adolescence, as a result of my triple “concoction” of chronic mild asthmatic, candida, and skin allergies.

I will never forget that feeling of constant coughs (crying to my late grandma, “I would love to have my lungs changed please”) and refrains from scratching my itch. Not to mention, the “religious” activity of visiting the old…

10 ways to practice self-love when the going gets tough

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Self-love is a big word and the concept probably began around 380B.C. with the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, and philautia. It has also been discussed much over centuries amongst philosophers, theologians, spiritual leaders, and psychologists. Its resurgence happened again recently, as we are going through a pretty extreme time of crisis, although not quite like an actual World War thankfully.

As an integrative health coach-in-training, we are often taught the concepts of self-love, its importance, and significance to a woman’s overall health. …

Long-Distance Love

How to fall and stay in love 10,000 miles apart

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I have always been a closet romantic. Outwardly, I appeared like I do not hope for a life partner, yet inwardly, I know my life would be more joyous if I just let myself open to love.

Human relationships are a funny thing, I say. With human interactions, I open myself to many uncertainties, having to make adjustments and sacrifices. Every moment seems to be a decision-making process, knowing that with every decision and choice I made, I let myself into a world of possibilities and consequences, intended and unintended.

But after nearly being single for more than 10 years…


How I keep to my fitness goals during the pandemic without breaking my wallet

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As a personal fitness trainer for more than 8 years, I often get asked this question, “Hey Yan, what exercises should I do at home on my own? And what equipment do I need? I am so confused with the number of options out there!” I understand the overwhelming feeling that many of them have, after all, I was once a “noob” beginner in the fitness world.

Fast forward into our current global pandemic situation, where uncertainties still loom, wondering whether is it completely safe to going back to gyms and fitness studios or if there is going to be…


5 ways to start your own mobilization science-backed program

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I started bodybuilding at age of 19 with the “boys”. I trained body-parts, as if the human body moves like a machine, pushing myself beyond my pain, numbing myself to what my body was telling me.

All I wanted was to build a lean, “mean”, “sexy”, flexible machine capable of moving any way my heart desires.

Bodybuilding-style training became my primary goal to carve a lean-and-mean body. And the good ol’ stretching became the companion to bodybuilding in the hope for me to attain the “flexible” body I had my eyes set on.

I didn’t care about the consequences of…

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10 reality checks I learn from the world of e-Commerce in 2020

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Most typically understand drop-shipping as basically an order-fulfillment business model, meaning one is selling a product without holding any actual physical stocks.

When a buyer makes a purchase off your website, the manufacturer-supplier whom you worked with, will pack and ship the order to your buyer-customer. You pay the supplier, and the rest is yours to keep. Sounds simple?

Not quite.

They say, “the devil lies in the details”.

And it’s in these details many beginners may overlook which can overcast the glitz and glamor of these many successful stories of drop-shippers we all read about.

These are 10 reality checks when starting a drop-shipping business

One — Expect a low-profit margin.

We are talking about…

Entrepreneurship | e-Commerce | Business

4 reasons to start hustling on the side

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The 2020 Pandemic has forced millions of people to stay at home more than ever, whether is it due to a loss of job or government order or just by choice out from pure civic duty for fellow citizens.

With so many hours spent indoors, many of us have also been forced to find alternative ways to kill time, maximize time, and to come up with creative methods of making a secondary source of income, all in hopes to replace our day jobs, so as to one day, finally escape the clutches of a bossman/woman or being slaves to corporate…

Health | Self-Care

What happened when I slept 16 hours every day for 60 days

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During the height of the first wave of the pandemic, like many countries all over the world, Singapore went into a lockdown (although we call it a Circuit-Breaker). This lasted for 8 weeks.

It was a major flip of lifestyle for many of us, I wasn’t sparred too. I found myself waning in energy, motivation, and sense of purpose. This was probably spurred by the stress of a long-distance relationship 10,000 miles away.

Like any self-care practitioner, I was careful not to get into a burnt-out; and I started disabling and deleting social media apps to reduce any unnecessary and…

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4 powerful ways I learned that helped me shift to “I am enough”

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The modern culture we live in places a heavy emphasis on productivity, so much so, when we send in our resumes, nine out of ten recruiters will be interested to ask about what have you accomplished in your previous jobs.

Adding on to that, our media feeds are filled with achievers from top education institutes, businesses, and sports arena also influence us to want to appear better, stronger, and more qualified. Thus, some of us may go on a paper-chase of getting more certificates.

With the ongoing new norm of social distancing, the digital way of working and living, we…

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What is the hormone harmony soup?

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The traditional model of fat loss is “eat less and exercise more”, emphasizing the simple arithmetic of burn more calories than what you take in. While this is not entirely wrong, it also is too limited to provide both the needs of our changing body and our changing environment.

Our modern way of life is significantly different from that of our forefathers and ancestors — we don’t walk on feet to schools or workplaces, instead, we drive. Even now, we can order-in our groceries and ready-made food by mere clicks of a button on our Yelp or UberEats app. Adding…

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