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The geeky facts behind limeade.

Photo by Messias Azevedo 🔮 from Pexels

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

What about limes? Lemon’s underrated sister or brother.

Step aside lemons, make way for limes.

When life gives you limes, make limeade. Plus these little green balls are so much fun.

P.S. A fun scientific trick I love to do.

Blow into your limeade and notice how it will turn “chalky”. This is one of the classic Science experiments most of us learned in high school.

Limeade is basically an alkali, commonly known as calcium hydroxide.

When we exhale air from our lungs, it consists mainly of carbon dioxide, which becomes a weak…

What does it mean to trust your food sources?

Photo by ANTHONY SHKRABA production from Pexels (partially cropped by author)

Food is a huge and intricate aspect of our lives. The minute we are born, we have our first taste of food from our parents in liquid form. We gradually transit to solid food through our formative years.

Cultures all over the world often gather people around food and music. Where there is food, there are people, conversations, and relationships.

My grandmother would show her affection for the family through either good homecooked dishes or store-bought sweets and takeaways, such as Chee Cheong Fun 猪肠粉, Bai Tang Gao 白糖糕, Jiu Ceng Gao九层糕, Putu Mayam, or Panda Kaya Layered cake. I…

Because we only die once but live many times

Photo by Mary Blackwey on Unsplash

A man longed to be a grandfather for as long as he can remember. His dream came true finally at 88 years. Since then, he fought to live each day better to watch his only granddaughter grow up.

One summer, with his slow-moving body and earnest heart, he took her hands and walked to the beach. He bought an ice popsicle for her and both sat at the sides, swinging their legs, watching the crowd frolic in the sweltering summer heat.

He looked at her licking every corner of the melting popsicle. Her beautiful 5 years old face was glowing…

Homage to Popeyes’s favorite

Photo by Louis Hansel - Restaurant Photographer on Unsplash

Svelte superfood,





Careful not to over-consume too,

Healthy in soups, salads, and smoothies.

P.S. Spinach is one of my go-to evergreen vegetables (pun unintended), typically stir-fry with garlic, eaten raw or blended in smoothies.

For more of my poetry and short forms — head down to this collection.

Showing love and support for TBIN writers and their pieces —

As always, thanks to TBIN’s prompt of Tiny Trees on your beloved vegetable.

If you feel up to respond…

I found a special space in the most unexpected way

Photo by Dave Herring on Unsplash (partially cropped by author)

It all began clearly while I was in REM. I was on the run. Like a great escape as a fugitive. I plunged from a higher level, a ‘wormhole’ or a spaceship from the galaxy where I lived most of my life, a space I had been dwelling in.

I was running on the outside edges of the planet as if the world was a flat rectangular piece on a two-dimensional space, instead of the spherical 3D world I know. The North and South Poles remain.

The “start” of the flat canvas began somewhere in Alaska, stretched across, and ended…

Star light, star bright, do you see them tonight?

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash


What are nights for?
Nights are where we rest.
They arrive, they serenade us.
Always and again.

They are here for us to recuperate.
Where can we serenade but nights?

Ah, the sweet serendipity.

Brings us the fairies and the musicians
With their wands and instruments.
Playing over and in our heads
leading us into a deep slumber.

Author’s note: This is inspired by the poet Philip Larkin’s Days in 1953.

Hint: it’s all about the place

Photo by Michael Emono on Unsplash

Don’t get displaced,

Else you may feel misplaced

Or you shall be replaced.

Be still.

All the answers you are looking for

Shall be in place.

Author’s note: Place is a kind of space. We tend to seek spaces and places where we can find respite and protection. I wrote this years ago as I was searching for my footing in life, to remind ourselves that sometimes we don’t need to run around so much looking for answers in life. Sometimes, they are just exactly where we are, right here right now.

TBIN writer’s spotlight:

A short poem

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

Like the soil-covered seed
Going through germination
Reaching out to the sun.

Sometimes we hide for protection
For comfort and recuperation.
Other times we expose for connection
For strength and rejuvenation.

There is never a better time than now
To reach out.
Stretch your hands and reach out.
Reach out, reach out to the voice inside of you.
Reach out, reach out to the hands beside you.

Together, we hold our hands and surround this world.
Together, we stand as we ride out this chaotic mess.

Stretch out.
Reach out.
Leap out.

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Image: Author’s own of East Coast Beach in Singapore at sunrise

At one degree north

Could we meet McDreamy?

Image source: McDreamy Giphy

Daydream if you like for dreams lead us to where we must.
What are days without dreams or nights without?

Dreams have become a forgotten activity of us.
Do not forget to dream, for dreams bring us to where we meet.
Do not let the world stop you from dreaming,
Nor let them rob you of your right to have fun.

Take a warm shower, draw the curtains, cuddle under the sheets.
We shall meet and be merry in the land of Dreams.

Author’s Note: When I first wrote this in 2014, I didn’t think of…

Yan Huang

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